Dong ding dong! Dong ding dong ..... The bell ringed all over the road, the throbbing throats of thousands of voices everywhere, greeting a Christmas season full of laughter at the Bach Tuoc So
Despite the chill of the early winter, the warm air still flooded the Bach Tuoc So JSC. At 11:30 on December 24, all BTS-ers gathered at the entertainment room to start the Christmas program.
under the guidance of Mr Tung. By his speech and humor, he skillfully heated the program with extremely cute warm-up games
Rock-Paper-Scissors. The game that seemed to be too familiar with childhood once again appeared at Bach Tuoc So with an extremely new upgrade version, along with the difficulty being increased.
Players do not have to use their hands as usual, but instead, they are movements of movement, describing the big bag, the big scissors ... Going through extremely difficult and fierce competitions,
With his luck, Anh Tan PVD won the final victory in the congratulations of everyone

To continue the hot and exciting show, the Bach Tuoc So were challenged with their agility and memory through the game "Finding Special Characters on Christmas Day".
Players are divided into 2 teams. Each team has the task, find the events related to the members who have birthdays in the quarter and quickly join them to them. Game thought
as simple as that, but enough to cause "challenges" for BTS-ers, when in turn must overcome the bitter cold of ice, ..... the fuss in each question

And when the answer is solved, the same time the mysterious characters appear. New members in October, November and December are invited to the stage to speak and share their feelings about the Bach Tuoc So family.
Although it was a bit awkward, but It was the brittle applause of everyone who made mems less shaky :)

The event that followed the event, now when the "Happy Birthday" music sounded loudly was also the time when all the birthday members in the quarter turned to the sparkling candles
Sweet cake party. The warm birthday atmosphere spread throughout the room. Everyone laughs together, sing together and wish each other meaningful birthday wishes

Noel atmosphere and birthday atmosphere together, a warm party ended with the scene of the whole family gathering and having lunch together.
That's it! Bach Tuoc So JSC is nothing big .... there is only one big friendship


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